Tax Audit Service: We provide audit representation service before Federal and State taxing authorities. From representation to organization of your records, we can help you through the audit process.

Tax Return Preparation: We have the knowledge to prepare your Federal and State Income tax returns for all types of entities. Whether you are filing taxes as an individual, corporation, partnership, fiduciary or estate, we will prepare your tax return accurately.

Business Consulting: Considering starting your own business? Let us assist you in structuring your business for growth and sustained profitability.

Bookkeeping: Are you already operating a business? We can assist in your bookkeeping duties, allowing you to focus on your regular business operations.

Available Speaking Topics:

  • Tax Preparation Topics:
  • The 1099 and the need to be in compliance
  • Business Taxes and the Novice
  • Accounting for the Non-Accountant
  • The Basics of Basis Partnerships & S-Corp Basis
  • Deductible or Not of so Where?
  • Mortgage Interest and the Limits of Deductibility
  • NOL’s and How to Calculate and How to Decide What to do with Them.
  • Real Estate Professionals do They Really Exist?
  • The Sale of a Business and Asset Allocation
  • Representation, Preparation Perspiration (ethics)
  • Representation Topics:
  • How to Survive an Audit
  • Audit form Open to Close
  • Representing Real Estate Audits
  • Representing the Cash Intensive Business
  • Representation without Records
  • What I Have Learned Lately (current views and observations from the real world)